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BBS Students' page

Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School

Freshman Ball:

The Freshman Ball is one of our biggest events every year, with more than a thousand participants. It is the most exclusive and upscale university event of the year.

The weeks leading up to the ball, the new students start to prepare: they take part in the election of Freshman King and Queen, learn different dances in teams, which are then performed to the huge audience at the beginning of the event.

After the welcome greetings and the coronation of the King and Queen, the ball goes on all night, with the colorful addition of star performers every year.

Open Day:

Every Faculty holds several open days each year, and in addition, there is also one large, university-wide open day attended by all three Faculties.

Thousands of interested high school students from all over the country come to the Open Days. In addition to impartin valuable information about all the available programmes, we also introduce prospective students to university life, the Student Council, and all our events.

Education Exhibition (“Educatio”):

At the annual Education Exhibition, along with hundreds of exhibitors, all Faculties of BBS are represented each year with a large group of student volunteers manning the stands and acurately answering the questions of all the young people who are at the very beginning of their career path.

One of the most positive aspects of the Education Fair is the friendly environment. Soon-to-be high school graduates can ask their future peers questions about the programmes, language learning opportunities, difficulties during the exam periods, or even about community life.

Job Fair:

Did you come to this University to build a career? If so, you are in the best possible place! It’s never to earlyto start building your career, and the job fair is BBS’ biggest career event, held annually. At this time, more than 40 companies come to our University to provide advice and ideas to our students.

The event will be attended by Deloitte, BDO, Morgan Stanley, Process Solutions, and OTP Bank, along with many others.

Believe us when we say that here you have the chance of finding the job of your dreams. You will also have the opportunity to ask for advice from representatives of these large, well-known companies. You can become acquainted with the current labor market and will most likely be able to find the most ideal place for your internship.

If you are looking for a job, you can also submit your resume. It is worth visiting the event even as a first-year student, as it is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and are looking for a lot of companies, or even first-year students for practical, part-time jobs.

Professional Evening:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a calmer, more informative evening after all these busy, eventful days? F you think so, then our Professional Evening is the best possible choice for you!

Here you can listen to interesting lectures while also having the opportunity for an informal conversation with your instructors, perhaps even accompanied by a fine glass of wine.

Guest lecturers from various companies visit us to speak at these evenings. At the end of the lectures, students are divided into small teams and must answer quiz questions. At the end of the evening, those who answered the best, will be rewarded with valuable gifts, thus adding a bonus to an already pleasant evening.