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BBS Students' page
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Budapest Business School
Dean's offices
Dean’s Offices carry out the management, administration and organisation, as well as human resources management duties of faculties under the direction of the Dean’s Office Manager.
The Dean’s Office assists, prepares and executes the works of the dean and decision preparation bodies.


  • prepares the meetings of the Dean’s Council,
  • ensures internal information flow,
  • supplies the information necessary for the dean’s and vice dean’s decisions, and for the work of the Dean’s Council,
  • collects and analyses data, organises and coordinates the faculty’s reporting (e.g., statistics for the Ministry of Education (OM), Hungarian Accreditation Committee (MAB)),
  • coordinates between the dean and faculty institutes,
  • manages, maintains and registers faculty data and regulations,
  • manages the records and the HR matters of civil servants with teacher job grade holding executive, teacher and dean positions,
  • prepares personnel decisions on teachers and non-teachers under its HR policy competence for the dean, attends preparation and organisation tasks related to faculty accreditation,
  • participates in developing the proposals for bachelor and master programmes, specialised advanced training programmes, short-cycle vocational programmes planned to be provided by the faculty,
  • maintains records of the faculty’s international relations, participates in the execution of the operational tasks resulting therefrom,
  • organises faculty events,
  • ensures that the faculty’s mails are forwarded, filing responsibilities are carried out and records are managed by way of a central registry and archives,
  • interacts with the student bodies of the faculty (e.g., Student Union (HÖK), Committee of Hall of Residence (KOB), Student Welfare Committee (DJB)).



The organisational units of the faculties are available below:

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