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Budapest Business School

BBS Students' page
Budapest Business School
Budapest Business School
Contemporary Issues in International Business

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FIMB Department of International Trade and Logistics

Subject Type

Elective subject (unlimited choice)

Short summary

This guest lecture series by faculty members from international partner institutions and our Faculty provide the participants with insights into contemporary issues and good practices. The lectures are related to a variety of fields, such as strategy, marketing, communication, HR, and the social, political and regulatory environment of international business. The students will participate in interactive sessions, linked with major courses of their academic programme.




22 hours

Recognition / credits

3 credits

Students we recommend

BGE students studying on an English-language programme

Assessment Methods

Poster presentation: each student to prepare a poster summarising a current international business issue and possible ways to address it, according to the lectures. The one-page poster needs to uploaded to CooSpace in ppt or pdf format


Tamás Murvai
László Nagy
dr Przemysław Stach
Prof. Dr. Michael Batz
Brigitte Ilg
Dr. Josipa Višić
Prof Kevin Grant
Dr. Inga Žilinskienė
Dr. Taskin Dirsehan
Prof. Gloria María Aznar Fernández-Montesinos
Dr. Senka Borovac Zekan

Further information

FIMB Department of International Trade and Logistics – Dr. Gábor Andrási