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Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem
Investor Pitch in the Start-up World

Neptun Code



Department of Languages for International Business

Subject Type

Elective subject (10-15 person)

Short summary

Participants will learn about the structure and the stylistic features of the investor pitch, and thus they will be able to make similar pitches, communicating effectively with potential investors. They will be well prepared to convince investors that it is worth investing in their start-up.  




4x5 hours

Recognition / credits


Students we recommend

all BBS students

Assessment Methods



Dr. Károly POLCZ, associate professor

Further information

Tuition fee: HUF24,000 Ft/student (exempt from VAT)

Apply before: 8 Oct 2021 12:00 am  

Payment deadline: 16 Oct 2021 12:00 am (Neptun). 

Classes start: 18 Oct 2021. 

Venue: Faculty of International Business and Management


  • 18 Oct 9:00 am – 13:10 pm
  • 19 Oct 9:00 am – 13:10 pm
  • 20 Oct 9:00 am – 13:10 pm
  • 21 Oct 9:00 am – 13:10 pm

Please note that you can cancel your application 24 hours before the payment deadline at the latest, after which payment must be made.

The fee to be paid will be posted in Neptun, the payment deadline will be indicated in the posting and on the invoice as well. To prove payment please use the statement printed out from Neptun or the banking platform. Payment should be made via Neptun.

For further information on the professional content of the course, please contact Dr. Károly POLCZ ( For further information on the organisation of the training and application, please contact Rita Horváth, education coordinator, by phone (+36-1-469-6702) or e-mail

The application form can be downloaded from the link.

Please complete and sign the application form and send it to the following address: