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Presentation Skills (Theory + Practice)

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Citi Global Business Corporate Department

Subject Type

Elective subject (unlimited choice)

Short summary

Have you ever had a presentation fall flat? Or wondered where to even begin? Does the thought of having to give a presentation fill you with dread? If so, you are not alone. These all too common experiences are avoidable, even if giving a

presentation is not. There are tools and methods available to you to help craft a presentation of which you can be proud. Taking the time to consider what impact you want to have on your audience, and how to create that impact, will lead to more memorable, influential presentations.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the needs of your audience.
  • Create clear objectives for your presentation.
  • Leverage a 5-step framework for preparing and delivering a powerful presentation.
  • Walk away with three high-impact ideas.

Course agenda:

  • Create a plan for your presentation
  • Write an effective vivid presentation to get audience attention and meet their needs
  • Plan logistics and prepare presentation slides
  • Prepare both mentally and physically to deliver a presentation
  • Deliver a polished presentation
  • Apply the key strategies for effective delivery

A sampling of helpful tools and documents from our sources that you can use as good takeaways. So that you walk away with a practical toolkit to use. We will include links to various job aids including a skill reference card that summarizes all the key concepts of this program, job aids and tools you can leverage, on the job assignments and relevant e-learning programs.




7,5 hours

Recognition / credits

1 credit

Students we recommend

All BBS students

Assessment Methods

The students will work on their own presentation what they will deliver during the second day. We are going to provide a candied feedback.


László Kremmer MBA, CLC, PMP

Further information

László Kremmer